I live in London, and as well as figuring out the minefield that are our  twenties, I'm also learning how to fit in my love of exploring around a 9-5.

I love the countryside, summer, walks, any and all National Trust and English Heritage properties, and I am always up for an adventure (in fact, the cheaper the better). I am a history nut (hello Henry) and lover of food.

I have travelled to 33 countries and counting (don't you hate it when people say that? It makes you sound like such a knobhead. But I am - counting, that is), and I've lived and worked/studied in 4. 

Brass bands and crisps make me happy.


About Me

hello! hi! salut! I'm Chania (sounds like Narnia but with a 'ch')

* Excuse me whilst I internally cringe at writing my own bio *